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Studio Loco pussilakanasetti

Studio Loco

Studio Loco pussilakanasetti

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Studio Locon ihana uutuus!


Pussilakana 140 x 200/220 cm

Tyyny 60X60 cm (Sopii myös 60X70cm tyynyille)


100% luomu perkaalipuuvilla


Sleep tight in our organic cotton with your favorite bird design.

Made from 100% organic cotton, it’s soft, strong, and lightweight.

Our floral bed linen is woven, dyed and made in India, in 100% organically grown cotton percale.

Soft& breathable

Combine with your favorite wall poster to create the perfect look.

You don't need to add a poster in your cart, we will automaticaly add your free poster in your package.

Color: Mustard/bird

Quality: 100% Organic cotton percale

Dimensions: adult (140 x 200/220 cm). pillow 60X60 cm (fits also a cushion of 60X70CM)

-Washing instructions: Machine wash by 60 degree.

-Iron at medium heat ''















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